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Vanityfire Photography is a digital photography portrait business based in Austin, Texas offering creative portraits and branding packages for Women Business Owners, Visionaries, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Wellness Professionals and Purposeful Soul Workers.   I can help you craft your online presence with fantastic photos that radiate your best self. My goal is to continue to deliver portraits that your soul recognizes. I offer promotional portraits for women in business, online dating photos, fresh gorgeous digital assets for website revamps, and documenting your health & wellness retreat adding value to what you create there. 

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How To Feel Comfortable on a Photo Shoot by Vanityfire Photography

One of my favorite things that happens on a shoot is getting to watch someone open up and relax as our time together expands. The first images indicate racked nerves, self-consciousness and wide eyed "deer-in-the-headlights" looks. Later, when reviewing the images, I can watch, from the first shot to the last, my client getting more and more comfortable and what that looks like on film.
We get warmed up quickly and things move rather fast. We are in this together and a good photographer will take charge, take care, pose you and get you centered, grounded and confident in the blink of an eye. 

When looking forward to a photo shoot there are certain things to do to prepare and keep in mind.

These things will ultimately help with your confidence level because you will be ready to shine and play!

I've just got a bunch of positive "Do's" here for you!

DO get good sleep the night before. This really makes a big difference!

DO hydrate well for a few days before if you are not in the habit of drinking your ideal water intake every day. I've heard that half of your body weight in ounces should be consumed daily, but there are variations on the best advice for this subject. 

DO consider doing a gentle cleanse such as a 3 day juicing regimen, 5 day sugar cleanse, or go really gung-ho with a cleanse like this one !

DO bring a playlist with you if you have one on your music app or phone. Something that makes you feel energized, your theme song or what you've been singing in the shower lately. Even a few songs will loosen you up! I will have some music ready to go as well! 

DO consult with your photographer and branding team about the clothing and accessories to bring. I tell my clients to bring solid colors, rich jewel toned blouses. If you have a favorite blouse or dress that is a bold pattern, bring that too because it could be the item of clothing that makes you feel great and stands out. Bring multiple pieces to the shoot and we can style it together.  

DO add flair with accessories! Your favorite ring, bracelet or necklace actually helps with confidence like a magical talisman! Your signature scarf, sweater or jacket is good as well but it's best to remember seasonality and what vibe you are trying to communicate. Jewelry that compliments the outfit such as pendant necklaces or statement pieces can anchor an image. Earrings tend to be tough to photograph and get to cooperate if they are large or dangly so I recommend studs or small hoops.

DO bring heels, unless you never ever wear them. They lift you higher and surprisingly help with posture and poise in most cases. The photographer can always guide you through posing and finding the correct posture to obtain the most flattering positions for you.

DO be aware of your genuine emotions. A great photographer mirrors you and recognizes your true beauty for the "portrait" experience and knows how to coax you back to real smiles if you feel you have one plastered on your face.

DO get your make-up done before hand and bring your make-up bag with you to the shoot! I recommend W3ll People here in Austin.  Make an appointment before the shoot. They do complimentary make-overs with all natural products. Mention my biz and get 20% off your purchase. They do a fabulous job of getting you ready for the camera. Flawless babe!

DO have a mani/pedi if you enjoy having someone else do your nails, just make sure they are manicured! No chipped polish or the bold color you wore out last night. Just a neutral, like essie "ballet slippers" or a color you have been rocking lately that you love and makes sense with your brand.

DO get your hair styled, or a blow-out if you are sure you will get the desired result, and can predict your best look. Don't pay for surprises the day of your shoot! Bring a curling iron for touch ups if you use one and extra product.

DO think of some pleasant memories or things that make you laugh and smile. Thinking of even a handful of happy thoughts really shows in the eyes and helps you to feel good. Bring a friend if you want to keep it light-hearted!

Know that when you show up you will be taken care of and pampered and allowed to feel lovely and loved.