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Austin, Texas 78704
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Vanityfire Photography is a digital photography portrait business based in Austin, Texas offering creative portraits and branding packages for Women Business Owners, Visionaries, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Wellness Professionals and Purposeful Soul Workers.   I can help you craft your online presence with fantastic photos that radiate your best self. My goal is to continue to deliver portraits that your soul recognizes. I offer promotional portraits for women in business, online dating photos, fresh gorgeous digital assets for website revamps, and documenting your health & wellness retreat adding value to what you create there. 

The Rose Sateen Lined Tote


Vanityfire apparel is for soul seekers, journey lovers, and encapsulate the soul of place and time. Shanti Matulewski has over 25 years of collecting and creating photographic images that are feminine, etherial and dreamlike and capture the genius loci. Current and future work and any curatorial escapades will be overflowing with art that elevates the spirit, returns to beauty as necessity, and delves into the wilderness of intuition. The kimono's, dresses, leggings, and bags are desirable and gorgeous. After owning a portrait studio photography business for 15 years, Shanti is now going back to her fine art roots and creating textiles and a vibrant, decadent, comfortable clothing line to clothe the modern goddess.

The Rose Sateen Lined Tote


The Rose Sateen Lined Tote


Divine feminine is embedded in the very structure of the world around us. Roses unfurl, blossom, stretch in their vitality and lusciousness. I absolutely love the rose: the color, the smell, the feel. Celebrate sensuality!

Dimensions: 16 in x 16 in

Lined with navy 100% cotton sateen

Includes inside pockets and zippered welt pocket.

Vibrant printed canvas: 100% polyester textured canvas withstands everyday use while looking great.

Magnetic Closure: Professional hardware including brass magnetic closure to keep everything locked in.

Vegan leather straps

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