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Vanityfire Photography is a digital photography portrait business based in Austin, Texas offering creative portraits and branding packages for Women Business Owners, Visionaries, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Wellness Professionals and Purposeful Soul Workers.   I can help you craft your online presence with fantastic photos that radiate your best self. My goal is to continue to deliver portraits that your soul recognizes. I offer promotional portraits for women in business, online dating photos, fresh gorgeous digital assets for website revamps, and documenting your health & wellness retreat adding value to what you create there. 


Vanityfire Photography I can help you craft your online presence with fantastic photos that RADIATE YOUR BEST SELF.  


When are you ready to be seen?

Shanti Matulewski

When is it that you are feeling the most lit-up, shiny, poised, and attractive?

Is it right after a hair cut? A new dress?

A yoga or movement class? Running a 5K?

After a martini?

When are you ready to be seen? 

When I was in Italy for a photography workshop in 2005 I felt all of those things. 

This morning I just reread my journal from that experience. Feeling open, gorgeous, brave, and unstoppable- I had a successful photography show, birthed a new project, had a storybook romance, enjoyed mad crazy poetry and wine daily with my best friend and met the divine in the Mediterranean Sea. 


I associate those feelings with travel and adventure. The trick is to be able to feel that way every day. 

Most ordinary days are not that glamorous and free. We are putting on a good face for someone else. We are peeling off pajama pants just to get back in bed after a day’s work alone at home on a computer. We are moonlighting with our god-given talents instead of dancing in the day light. We are worrying that our most fabulous days are behind us. 

How the F!@#$ do we get it back?

Potency doesn’t have to be fleeting or a just a sometime thing. There are ways to access it on command. You don’t have to slide into the land of hopeless mediocrity and lethargy with baggy clothes and soccer mom hairdo dreaming about how bitchin’ you used to be.

The important thing to realize is this power is present when you are truly feeling good inside and out. Magic does happen. You become magnetic and can magnetize your true desires (as well as Rainbows, Red Balloons, Epiphanies, Dollar Bills, and Soul Mates).

I’m going to share some of my favorite evolutions of my own potency and delve into the wilderness where your wild, sexy self still lurks. I want to have a conversation about finding your optimal self and what it takes to be that person all of the time.

Comment below and share a moment when you felt on fire, immortal; the person you were born to be!