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Vanityfire Photography is a digital photography portrait business based in Austin, Texas offering creative portraits and branding packages for Women Business Owners, Visionaries, Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs, Wellness Professionals and Purposeful Soul Workers.   I can help you craft your online presence with fantastic photos that radiate your best self. My goal is to continue to deliver portraits that your soul recognizes. I offer promotional portraits for women in business, online dating photos, fresh gorgeous digital assets for website revamps, and documenting your health & wellness retreat adding value to what you create there. 

Don't put it off! You will love how you look!


Vanityfire Photography I can help you craft your online presence with fantastic photos that RADIATE YOUR BEST SELF.  


Don't put it off! You will love how you look!

Shanti Matulewski


So many people put off having their portrait done because it can be an uncomfortable experience. You put so much time and effort into a photography experience, so you might as well enjoy it! We have FUN on every shoot, and you get images delivered that reflect back to you who you really are, sometimes seeing yourself for the first time in a long time!

“I’m really not photogenic. I always look awful in photographs. I hate having my picture taken.” I hear this from nearly every client. If you are nay-saying or feeling your anxiety rise, take heart and breathe: I’ll make you look fantastic. We’re a team on a photo shoot, and from the first step to the last, I’ve got your back. No matter how much you blink, whether you think your hair does something weird, or if you swear you’ve got “a bad side,” you’ll love how you look. All women deserve to look their absolute best and feel radiant within their own skin. 

I help craft and enhance your online presence so that clients can connect with your core message and mission in a real way. If you need personalized images with your own products and environment for your marketing materials, I can help with that, too! I was a contributing photographer for CRAVE Book Austin that helps celebrate women entrepreneurs in over 25 major cities.  

It's important to get your social media photos updated every 6 months to a year so people recognize you when you are out and about. Sales increase when you look damn good on your website and you’ve got that certain something. That certain something is YOUR true, dazzling self shining through, which includes the extraordinary gifts that only you have to offer the world. 

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